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From Right to Left: Major General Riyahi, Major General Amini Afshar, Major General Neshat, Lieutenant General Rahimi, Lieutenant General Badraie

During the late 1970s the Imperial Iranian Ground Forces, was undergoing a rapid increase in strength. In 1979 it was a largely mechanized and armored force of about 285,000 troops, organized in 3 corps, with headquarters in Tehran area, in Shiraz in the south, and in Kermanshah near the Iraq border. There was even Plans for a fourth corps, to be established at the new Chah Bahar complex at the eastern end of the Persian Gulf. Major ground formations included 3 armored divisions (One more in organization in Sistan) each with six tank battalions and five mechanized infantry battalions, 3 infantry divisions, 2 Imperial Guard Divisions and 4 independent brigades (1 armored, 1 infantry, 1 airborne and 1 Special Forces) and the Army Aviation Command. These combat units, backed up by the usual complement of support units, were said to be 85 percent operational. During the mid-1970s fully 80 percent of Iran's ground forces were deployed along the Iraqi border, though official sources maintained that a large portion of these could be sent anywhere in the country within twenty-four hours by means of air force transports. Troop deployment was expected to shift south during the late 1970s with the opening of the Chah Bahar facility.

Total (in 1979): 285,000

Reserves: 300,000

Main Unites:

  • 16th Armored Division - Ghazvin
  • 81th Armored Division - Kermanshah
  • 92th Armored Division - Khuzestan
  • 88th Armored Division - Sistan
  • 1th Infantry Imperial Guard Division (After the revolution changed to 21th Infantry Div.)
  • 2th Imperial Guard Division (After the revolution changed to 21th Infantry Div.)
  • 28th Infantry Division - Kurdistan
  • 64th Infantry Division - Rezaieh
  • 77th Infantry Division - Khorasan
  • 84th Infantry Brigade - Khoramabad (Division during the war with Iraq)
  • 55th Airborne Brigade - Shiraz (Division during the war with Iraq)
  • 23th Special forces Brigade - Nohed -Tehran (Division during the war with Iraq)
  • 37th Armored Brigade - Shiraz
  • 11th Artillery Unit
  • 22th Artillery Unit
  • 23th Artillery Unit
  • 44th Artillery Unit
  • 55th Artillery Unit
  • Hawk missiles Battalions (4 units)

Armor In Imperial Iranian Army

Imperial Iranian Armored units were supplied with medium and light tanks of American and British origin, and about 1200 Brithish-maded Chieftain tanks were being delivered to augment the 780 in the inventory. Armored personnel carriers were from the United States and the Soviet Union and antitank missiles from the United States and France.

In 1971, Iran placed an order with Royal Ordnance (RO) of the UK for 707 modified Chieftain Mk 3 and Mk 5 MBTs, plus a quantity of armoured recovery vehicles (ARVs) and armoured vehicle-launched bridges (AVLBs) based on the Chieftain MBT chassis, all of which were delivered by early 1978. Most of these were built by RO Leeds, subsequently taken over by Vickers Defence Systems, which built all the ARVs. Iran also took delivery of 187 improved Chieftains called the FV4030/1 (a development of the Chieftain Mk 5 used by the British Army) for it's operational needs. In all, 187 of the FV4030/1, were supplied.
In 1974, Iran ordered 125 Shir Iran 1 (FV4030/2s) and 1,225 Shir Iran 2 (FV4030/3s) MBTs for delivery from 1980 - but the order was cancelled in 1979 after the fall of the Shah and before deliveries could begin from Royal Ordnance Leeds.
If the Shir 2 MBTs had been delivered, the Iranian Army would have had the best-protected MBT in the region because the hull and turret incorporated the advanced Chobham armour system for a high level of battlefield protection over the frontal arc. In 1979, Jordan bought 274 Shir 1 MBTs, designated the Khalid. After the Iranian Revolution the "Shir Iran 2" project was taken over by the British Army and the end result was Challenger later redesignated as Challenger 1 in service with the British Army since 1983.




Scorpion LT





M-24 LT






M-47, M-47M MBT


M-48, M-48A5 MBT




M-60A1 MBT


Shir1(Chieftain) MBT


APC - Armor Vehicels


M-8 Armoured Car






M-20 Armoured Car






Ferret Armoured Car



Fox Armoured Car




M-113, M-113A1 APC
















* Some M-113 APC are with TOW Missiles

Major Equipment On Order:

  • Shir1 (Chieftain) Tanks - 1971 (800), 1974 (740), 1976 (1480), 1977 (1220)
  • Shir2 (Chieftain) Tanks -1979 (1297)
  • Scorpion Tanks - 1976 (250), 1977 (110),1979 (110)
  • M-113A1 APC - 1979 (108)
  • BMP-1 AIFV - 1979 (x)


Shir2 (Challenger 1) MBT - Great Britain

Continued development in the Centurion/Chieftain line to produce the Shir/Iran 2 originally planned for Iranian forces. After the Iranian revolution, taken over by the British Army. It has much more powerful engine than the Chieftain and equipped with excellent Chobham Armor. Challenger 1 took part in Operation Desert Storm (1991) where the Iraqi forces failed to take a single vehicle out of combat while Challenger destroyed roughly 300 Iraqi tanks.

Standard equipment includes thermal sights, gun stabilization NBC system as well as mounting points for external fuel tanks at the rear and Combat Dozer Blade at the front.

  • Armament: 1 - 120mm long L11A5 gun, 2 - 7.62mm MG, 2 x 5 barrel smoke dischargers

  • Power Train: Perkins Engines (Shrewsbury) Condor V-12, 12 cyl diesel, coupled to David Brown Vehicle Transmission TN37.

  • Speed: 34.8 mph

  • Range: 279 miles

  • Crew: 3

  • Weight: 68 tons

EX- Euipment:

  • Iranian Wolrd War II Tanks
    66 M-4 Sherman MBT (in 1950s)
    100 M-24 LT (1960-70s)
    100 M-41 MBT (1960-70s)

Armor in Iranian Army today:

  • Chieftain (Shir1) MBT
  • M48/M48A5 MBT

  • M60A1 MBT

  • M47/M47M tank

  • Zulfaqhar MBT

  • T-72 MBT

  • Type 72-Z MBT

  • T-62 MBT

  • T-54/T-55 MBT

  • Type 59 MBT

  • Type 69-2 MBT

  • Safir-74 MBT

  • Scorpion light tank

  • Tosan light tank


اين تار نما را به ياد پدرم، تيمسار سرلشکر علی نشاط، و ساير قهرمانان نيروهای مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران و جانباختگان راه آزادی پيش کش نمودم
This site is dedicated to my father General Ali Neshat commander of Imperial Iranian Guards, and to all of the other unsung heroes of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces who fell in the name of Iran.

اين تارنما هديه ای است به جانباختگان نيرو های سه گانه 

صدای شما وقتی شنيده می شود که بلند و رسا باشد 


Ali Neshat, Iran

برگ اول
نشاط اصفهانی - خاندان
سرداران ملی و ابدی
خاکسپاری شاهنشاه آريامهر- مصر
نيروی هوائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی زمينی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی دريائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نشان و مدال های نيرو های مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران
تاريخ- صدام وشاهنشاه
پادشاهان، نخست وزيران و اميران
طلـــــايه داران تاريــــــخ
به روايت تاريخ سرهنگ جهانبينی
تـــــئـــوری توطـئه، يا انقلاب اسلامی؟؟!!
به ياد جانباختگان
2 به ياد جانباختگان
ليست جانباختگان - انگليسی
ويدئو جانباختگان راه آزادی
کودتای شاهرخی و 18 تير 1980
پيام آزادی، و همبستگی
آگاهی های مربوط به جانباختگان
بازديد شاهنشاه آريامهر از آمريکا
جدائی طلبان، شيرين نشاط و صوراسرافيل
بهروز صوراسرافیل
بيژن و رضا فاضلی
شهرام جاويد پور
سرباز کيست؟
گاه شمار پهلوی
مايک والاس و تخيلات سی آی اِ
خواندنی ها
گفتگو های راديوئی و تلويزيونی
خـــــبر ها و نظر ها - نشريه ماهانه
سانسور و بُريدن زبان در لس آنجلس
لانه تروريست
شيرين نشاط پيام به آمريکا
روانشناسی زندگی در غربت
روابط ايران و آمريکا
بانوان ايران!
شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
علياحضرت شهبانو فرح
پيام شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
گتفگو ها و پيام های سيما و آوا
پيام های ويدئوئی
اردشير زاهدی
ازدواج اردشير زاهدی
37 روز آخر شاه
شيرين نشاط -تروريسم
وحشت و تروريسم
خليج هميشه پارس
پيام شهبانو 2544= 2005
21 آذر - بهمن آقائی
پدرم علی نشاط
17 دی - روز زن و رضا شاه
آعتراض به آقای فريدمن
تانک های ارتش
پيش و پس از... !
خون آشامان!
ششم بهمن
انقلاب سفيد - شاه وملت
رضا احمدی
جنگ نه!!
قدس و سپاه زنان!!
وزيران خارجه ايران
تيمسار اقصی
سرهنگ ستاد وزيـــن
درپاسخ آقای فوت
آتـــم مصرف نظامی !!
بسيست و دو بهمن !
سقوظ شاه يا سقوط ايران؟
گزارش های گرد جهان
هويدا و سميعی
بياد پدرم!
نامه سرگشاده به شاهزاده- انگليسی
پيام ها و نامه ها
گفتگو های رسانه ای
دادنامه ها و پتيشن
تشابه اسمی
تماس با ما
پيوند ها



پاسخ به تاريخ




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