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آذربايجان سر ايران

تاريخ ايران زمين




Letter to G.W. Bush
By: Mrs. Shirin Neshat

Sept 24, 2007
Los Angeles, California
President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. President:
I send heartfelt greetings to you as a loyal Persian-American who loves both Iran and America, in the name of those who recognize the true spirit of Iran as manifested in the 2,500 year old Persian Monarchy beginning with Cyrus the Great, as well as those in my adopted homeland whose roots are firmly planted in the Divinely-guided history of these blessed United States as begun by God through Washington, Madison, and Jefferson.
At the same time, I write you today to express concern over two developments which provide a larger context of meaning for the darkening relationship between Iran and the United States at this most dangerous and pivotal crossroad in human history.
The first of these developments is what I consider to be the regrettable decision of both the United States and the world community to allow Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran, to enter this country to deliver an address to Columbia University in New York, and to utilize the United Nations to spread the poisonous, defamatory rhetoric of the IRI regime in an international forum which should simply recognize that Mr. Ahmadinejad and the despicable government he leads, are concurrently illegitimate entities--legally, politically, morally, and historically. 
The crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 are too numerous and well-known to chronicle in detail here.  These include the murder of Iranian Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda, and my Father, General Ali Neshat, Commander of the Shah's Imperial Guard, in April of 1979.  Since these murders over 28 years ago, the Iranian nation has known nothing but war and rumor of international war; internal tyranny complete with comprehensive suspension of Constitutional rights; the extermination of human rights advocates, independent journalists, and political activists not vetted by the IRI's Council of Guardians; a systematic attempt to erase Iran's pre-Islamic history from the minds of almost 2 generations born since the death of my Father; a tragic war of 8 years duration between Iran and Iraq that has claimed over 1 million lives; and now, the implementation of a recklessly confrontational foreign policy by Mr. Ahmadinehad and the Mullahs which threatens to bring the Iranian Nation to the brink of nuclear annihilation and holocaust. 
It begs the question:  How can it be that the leader of this criminal regime is now in the United States to address Columbia University, the United Nations, and the American people, with a chronicled litany of odious crimes more extensive than those of the leader of any other government on the face of the earth, as perpetually documented by Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch?  Mr. President, can your government, the American people, and the world community actually watch this criminal's demonic presentation on your TV networks, even as he continues to drink from a cup filled with lies and hatred, brewed with the blood of millions of innocents killed or yet to be killed?  Is this not mentality of Munich, "all over again?"
At the same time, there is a second development which threatens to simultaneously engulf Iran, the United States, and the world, in global warfare and flaming conflagration.  It would take place if you allowed yourself to be the implementing force in a plan which threatens both my historic homeland and my adopted homeland.  This plan calls for a deliberate, preemptive military attack on Iran by the United States, with the complete support of neo-conservatives in America, the international oil consortiums, and the government of Israel. 
I cannot possibly overemphasize how disastrous such a course of action would be.  It would kill thousands, perhaps millions of innocent Iranians.  It would cause untold political blowback and retaliation against the United States worldwide.  It would destroy what remains of the political, economic, educational, historical, and cultural infrastructure of Iran which predates the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Reign of Terror in 1979.  And finally, it would achieve the exact opposite result of what the advocates of this misguided policy say it would achieve:  Mr. Ahmadinejad, now on the edge of political extinction, would most assuredly receive a renewed and visceral support from Iranians across the political spectrum and around the globe, in reaction to the brutality and apocalyptic character of a massive military assault on Iran.  How can such results be in the interest of American and Iranian nationalists and patriots?  Mr. President, you must not be remembered in history as the architect of this unfolding tragedy.  Stop this course of action, before events careen out of control, and envelop the entire civilized world.
My message is clear.  We cannot appease a murderer like Ahmadinejad or the crimson-stained IRI regime he presently leads.  Neither can the opposite course of a misguided policy of military preemption of Iran be endorsed by decent Iranians and Americans as the solution to what has happened in these last 28 years.
The alternative course of action--and the only course of action--is clear.  Continue to diplomatically isolate Mr. Ahmadinejad and his band of thugs and consorts in Tehran;  apply back-channel diplomacy of the highest order to increase the economic and political pressure on the IRI regime among the nations of the world; aggressively pursue the financial assets of the Mullahs through the international courts in assessed penalties for the cumulative crimes against humanity they have committed since 1979; and support indigenous Iranian freedom movements and fighters on an ongoing basis, as they risk their lives to reclaim Iran for its traditions, and its people.
Time and history are on the side of freedom, and victory for the forces of freedom, in Iran.  Do not preempt these inevitabilities by pursuing either appeasement of Ahmadinejad and his regime on the one hand, or an attack on Iran being urged upon you by forces who could care less about innocent life and the preservation of an autonomous, independent Iranian nation rooted in 2,500 years of history.
Pursue my recommended course of action, Mr. President.  And as you are fond of saying:
Stay the course.
Shirin Neshat, President
Los Angeles, California

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اين تار نما را به ياد پدرم، تيمسار سرلشکر علی نشاط، و ساير قهرمانان نيروهای مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران و جانباختگان راه آزادی پيش کش نمودم
This site is dedicated to my father General Ali Neshat commander of Imperial Iranian Guards, and to all of the other unsung heroes of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces who fell in the name of Iran.

اين تارنما هديه ای است به جانباختگان نيرو های مسلح

صدای شما وقتی شنيده می شود که بلند و رسا باشد 


Ali Neshat, Iran

برگ اول
نشاط اصفهانی - خاندان
سرداران ملی و ابدی
خاکسپاری شاهنشاه آريامهر- مصر
نيروی هوائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی زمينی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی دريائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نشان و مدال های نيرو های مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران
تاريخ- صدام وشاهنشاه
پادشاهان، نخست وزيران و اميران
طلـــــايه داران تاريــــــخ
به روايت تاريخ سرهنگ جهانبينی
تـــــئـــوری توطـئه، يا انقلاب اسلامی؟؟!!
به ياد جانباختگان
2 به ياد جانباختگان
ليست جانباختگان - انگليسی
ويدئو جانباختگان راه آزادی
کودتای شاهرخی و 18 تير 1980
پيام آزادی، و همبستگی
آگاهی های مربوط به جانباختگان
بازديد شاهنشاه آريامهر از آمريکا
جدائی طلبان، شيرين نشاط و صوراسرافيل
بهروز صوراسرافیل
بيژن و رضا فاضلی
شهرام جاويد پور
سرباز کيست؟
گاه شمار پهلوی
مايک والاس و تخيلات سی آی اِ
خواندنی ها
گفتگو های راديوئی و تلويزيونی
خـــــبر ها و نظر ها - نشريه ماهانه
سانسور و بُريدن زبان در لس آنجلس
لانه تروريست
شيرين نشاط پيام به آمريکا
روانشناسی زندگی در غربت
روابط ايران و آمريکا
بانوان ايران!
شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
علياحضرت شهبانو فرح
پيام شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
گتفگو ها و پيام های سيما و آوا
پيام های ويدئوئی
اردشير زاهدی
ازدواج اردشير زاهدی
37 روز آخر شاه
شيرين نشاط -تروريسم
وحشت و تروريسم
خليج هميشه پارس
پيام شهبانو 2544= 2005
21 آذر - بهمن آقائی
پدرم علی نشاط
17 دی - روز زن و رضا شاه
آعتراض به آقای فريدمن
تانک های ارتش
پيش و پس از... !
خون آشامان!
ششم بهمن
انقلاب سفيد - شاه وملت
رضا احمدی
جنگ نه!!
قدس و سپاه زنان!!
وزيران خارجه ايران
تيمسار اقصی
سرهنگ ستاد وزيـــن
درپاسخ آقای فوت
آتـــم مصرف نظامی !!
بسيست و دو بهمن !
سقوظ شاه يا سقوط ايران؟
گزارش های گرد جهان
هويدا و سميعی
بياد پدرم!
نامه سرگشاده به شاهزاده- انگليسی
پيام ها و نامه ها
گفتگو های رسانه ای
دادنامه ها و پتيشن
تشابه اسمی
تماس با ما
پيوند ها



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