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آذربايجان سر ايران

تاريخ ايران زمين




This page is dedicated to all those who stood up against tyranny



Below is a list of all those who were affiliated to NAMIR or its military wing - NEGHAB - and were murdered by the Islamic Republic of Iran :

Date         Location     Name                    

04/07/1980   Tehran       A.Mohagheghi (general)

04/07/1980   Tehran       G.Ghayeghran (n/c off:pilot)

04/07/1980   Tehran       F.Jahangiri (n/c off:pilot)

04/07/1980   Tehran       A.Kamiani 

04/07/1980   Tehran       A.Karimbar

30/07/1980   Tehran       H.Kazemi (n/c officer)

30/071980    Tehran       M.Moradi (n/c officer)

30/07/1980   Tehran       S.Norouzi (sergeant)

30/07/1980   Tehran       A.Mohamadi

30/07/1980   Tehran       M.Assangochai

30/07/1980   Tehran       Y.Mahboubian

30/07/1980   Tehran       E.Mamaghani

30/07/1980   Tehran       N.Sedarat

30/07/1980   Tehran       E.Baroukhim

30/07/1980   Tehran       M.B.Fard (lieutenant)

30/07/1980   Neyshabur    Y.Khadjeh

30/07/1980   Neyshabur    G.Jafari

31/07/1980   Tehran       M.Farzam (lieutenant)

31/07/1980   Tehran       H. Karimpurtari (n/c officer)

31/07/1980   Tehran       D.Jalaii (colonel)

31/07/1980   Tehran       N.Yahyaii (lieutenant)

31/07/1980   Tehran       N.Najaf-Nejad (sergeant)

07/08/1980   Tehran       I. Soltani (corporal)

07/08/1980   Tehran       H.Lashkari (lieutenant-pilot)

07/08/1980   Tehran       M.Saghafi (lieutenant-pilot)

07/08/1980   Tehran       A.Zarineh (colonel)

07/08/1980   Tehran       H.Gohari (major)

07/08/1980   Tehran       K.Alizadeh (major)

07/08/1980   Tehran       A.Morvaridi (sergeant)

07/08/1980   Tehran       S.Pourfahmideh (lieutenant)

07/08/1980   Tehran       M.Najafabadi (lieutenant)

07/08/1980   Tehran       M.Zahedi (lieutenant)

07/08/1980   Tehran       M.Asgharian (n/c officer)

07/08/1980   Tehran       H.Abedini

07/08/1980   Tehran       F.Azarian (lieutenant)

16/08/1980   Tehran       E.Arab-Shirazi

16/08/1980   Tehran       A.Awazzadeh 

16/08/1980   Tehran       M.Sajadi (n/c officer)

16/08/1980   Tehran       M.Farahpour

16/08/1980   Tehran       Z.Momeni

16/08/1980   Tehran       G.Khergani (sergeant)

16/08/1980   Tehran       M.Kiani (sergeant)

16/08/1980   Tehran       D.Bakhtiar

16/08/1980   Tehran       G.NaghibZadeh (n/c officer)

16/08/1980   Tehran       H.Zamanpour (flight-liut)

16/08/1980   Tehran       K.Azartash (major)

16/08/1980   Tehran       A.Azmudeh (colonel)

16/08/1980   Tehran       C.Ahmadi (lieutenant)

16/08/1980   Tehran       S.Mahdiun (general-pilot)

16/08/1980   Tehran       M.Farnejad (n/c officer)

16/08/1980   Tehran       K.Mohamadi-Koubaii (n/c off)

16/08/1980   Tehran       M.Tightiz (n/c officer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       M.Mirlaki (n/cofficer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       M.Abedini-Moghadam (n/c off)

18/08/1980   Tehran       K.Rahmati (n/c officer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       P.Bayani (n/c officer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       L.Lotfolahi (n/c officer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       A.Habibi (lieutenant)

18/08/1980   Tehran       N.Zandi (flight lt. pilot)

18/08/1980   Tehran       C.Karimian (sergeant)

18/08/1980   Tehran       O.Boyeri (flight lt.)

18/08/1980   Tehran       A.Soleimani (flight lt.)

18/08/1980   Tehran       D.Mazaheri-Kashani

18/08/1980   Tehran       D.Fatehjou (n/c officer)

18/08/1980   Tehran       A.Pourkarbassi-Dehi (n/c off)

18/08/1980   Tehran       D.Fateh-Firouz (n/c off)

18/08/1980   Tehran       K.Afrouz (flight lieutenant)

18/08/1980   Tehran       M.Azimifar (flight lieutenant)

21/08/1980   Tehran       M.Arad (lieutenant)

21/08/1980   Tehran       M.Sadeghi (colonel)

21/08/1980   Tehran       H.Izadi (colonel)

21/08/1980   Tehran       Asghari

25/08/1980   Tehran       D.Rahbar (n/c officer)

25/08/1980   Tehran       G.Hamedani (n/c officer)

25/08/1980   Tehran       F.Javaherian (n/c officer)

25/08/1980   Tehran       M.Zade-Naderi (n/c officer)

26/08/1980   Tehran       G.Hejazi (female)

26/08/1980   Tehran       D.Shomali

26/08/1980   Tehran       H.Ahmadi

26/08/1980   Esfahan      M.Altani

26/08/1980   Esfahan      H.Karimi

26/08/1980   Esfahan      S.Mozaii

26/08/1980   Esfahan      H.Dari

26/08/1980   Esfahan      A.Allahverdi

26/08/1980   Esfahan      S.Hemati

26/08/1980   Esfahan      M.Vesaali

26/08/1980   Esfahan      B.Nikbakht (female)

26/08/1980   Esfahan      E.Biglari

26/08/1980   Esfahan      J.Hemati

26/08/1980   Esfahan      E.Karimi

26/08/1980   Esfahan      M.Karimi

28/08/1980   Tehran      S.Bassani (female)

28/08/1980   Tehran      M.T.Bahrami (n/c officer)

29/08/1980   Tehran      A.Almasi (lieutenant)

29/09/1980   Tehran      H.Haleki (lieutenant)

29/08/1980   Tehran      M.R.Javadi (lieutenant)

29/08/1980   Tehran      H.Ahmadi (n/c officer)

29/08/1980   Tehran      J.Ranjbar (no/c officer)

30/08/1980   Tehran      A.Azizian (major)

30/08/1980   Tehran      R.Soltani (colonel)

30/08/1980   Tehran      A.Faria (colonel)

30/08/1980   Tehran      I.Derakhshandeh (n/c officer)

30/08/1980   Tehran      M.Bahrami

30/08/1980   Tehran      S.Shahbeui (colonel)

30/08/1980   Tehran      I.Khalafbegi (major)

30/08/1980   Tehran      K.Keyvanfar

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       M.Borati (corporal)

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       I.Marvdashti (n/c officer)

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       R.Yahyapasand (lieutenant)

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       M.A.Mehrabi (n/c officer)

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       O.Atashboro

30/08/1980   Ahwaz       S.Sotoudeh

01/09/1980   Tehran      D.Asghari (officer)

01/09/1980   Tehran      D.Raastgu (lieutenant)

01/09/1980   Tehran      M.Fatahi-Nourdehi (n/c officer)

03/09/1980   Ahwaz       M.Hokmabadtchi (sergeant)

03/09/1980   Ahwaz       E.Ostad-Nazari (lieutenant)

03/09/1980   Ahwaz       F.Reissi (lieutenant)

03/09/1980   Ahwaz       S.Dehgan (lieutenant)

09/09/1980   Tehran      M.Sayah (sergeant)

09/09/1980   Tehran      M.Rahbai-Nejad (lieutenant)

09/09/1980   Tehran      M.Tajvari (lieutenant)

09/09/1980   Tehran      B.Partovi (major)

09/09/1980   Tehran      H.Mostafavi 

11/09/1980   Tehran      K.Atri

11/09/1980   Tehran      M.Sadeghi (colonel)

11/09/1980   Tehran      M.Sohaneki

11/09/1980   Tehran      N.Morovati (lieutenant)

11/09/1980   Tehran      N.Sajadi (n/c officer)

11/09/1980   Tehran      A.Mohammad (soldier)

11/09/1980   Tehran      A.Shafigh (flight lieutenant)

16/09/1980   Tehran      M.Tabrizi-Khatun

16/09/1980   Tehran      E.Azadighaneh (n/c officer)

16/09/1980   Tehran      M.Jalali-Ghajar (major)

16/09/1980   Tehran      S.Nour

13/071981    Tehran      M.Khadem

10/08/1981   Tehran      Amir-Tahmasbi (major)

10/08/1981   Tehran      A.Abdolmalek-Pour (colonel)

10/08/1981   Tehran      Didehvar (colonel)

10/08/1981   Tehran      Mohajeri

23/12/1981   Tehran      R.Marzban

23/12/1981   Tehran      A.Mohebi

30/01/1982   Tehran      A.Amir-Tahmasbi (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      K.Yarahmadi

30/01/1982   Tehran      E.Seyrafi (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      A.Foroughi (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      A.Abdol-Malekpour

30/01/1982   Tehran      G.Rahimi (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      M.Sabah (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      G.Biglou

30/01/1982   Tehran      A.Mohajeri

30/01/1982   Tehran      M.Lotfzari

30/01/1982   Tehran      G.Naghib-Manesh

30/01/1982   Tehran      G.Didehvar (colonel)

30/01/1982   Tehran      G.Shahandeh-Ashtiani

30/01/1982   Tehran      M.Khashayar

11/09/1982   Tehran      R.Shahbakhti

11/09/1982   Tehran      H.Moghbelzadeh

of these victims, none had the rights
of an accused as foreseen in
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Report on the Islamic Republic's Terrorism abroad

Since the advent of the Islamic Republic in Iran, terrorist attempts have targeted exiled Iranians >as well as citizens of other countries, condemned as heretics, around the world.  These attacks were ordered by the Islamic government of Iran.
    1. In July 1980, Shapour Bakhtiar escapes an assassination attempt in Paris, France.  A French policeman and a     neighbor are killed and one policeman is seriously injured.

    2. In July 1980, Ali Tabatabai is killed in Washington D.C., United States.
    3. In 1981, Shahriar Shafigh is killed in Paris, France.
    4. In January 1982, Shahrokh Missaghi is killed in Manila, Philippines.
    5. In April 1982, a young German student is killed during the attack of the residence of Iranian students in Mainzer,   Germany, by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah.
    6. In June 1982, Shahram Mirani is fatally wounded in India.
    7. In August 1982, Ahmad Zol-Anvar is fatally wounded in Karachi, Pakistan.
    8. In September 1982, Abdolamir Rahdar is killed in India.
    9. In 1982, Colonel Ahmad Hamed is killed in Istanbul, Turkey.
    10. In February 1983, Esfandiar Rahimi is killed in Manila, Philippines. 11. In February 1984, Gholam-Ali Oveissi and his brother, Gholam-Hossein, are killed in Paris, France
    12. In August 1985, Behrouz Shahverdilou is killed in Istanbul, Turkey
    13. In December 1985, Hadi Aziz-Moradi is killed in Istanbul, Turkey
    14. In August 1986, Bijan Fazeli is killed in London, Great Britain
    15. In December 1986, Vali Mohammad Van is killed in Pakistan
    16. In January 1987, Ali-Akbar Mohammadi is killed in Hamburg, Germany
    17. In May 1987, Hamid Reza Chitgar disappears in Vienna, Austria and is found assassinated in July
    18. In July 1987, Faramarz-Agha and Ali-Reza Pourshafizadeh are killed and twenty-three persons       are wounded in residences of Iranian refugees Karachi and Quetta, Pakistan
    19. In July 1987, Amir-Hossein Amir-Parviz is seriously wounded by the explosion of a bomb placed in his car       in London, England
    20. In July 1987, Mohammad-Hassan Mansouri is shot dead in his house Istanbul, Turkey
    21. In August 1987, Ahmad Moradi-Talebi is killed in Geneva, Switzerland
    22. In October 1987, Mohammad-Ali Tavakoli-Nabavi and his youngest son, Noureddin, are killed in       Wembley,  Great Britain
    23. In October 1987, Abol-Hassan Modjtahed-Zadeh is kidnapped in Istanbul, Turkey
    24. In December 1988, an Iranian refugee is assassinated in front of the headquarters of the United Nations High       Commissioner for Refugees in Karachi, Pakistan
    25. In June 1989, Ataollah Bay Ahmadi is killed in the Emirate of Dubai
    26. In July 1989, Abdol-Rahman Ghassemlou and Abdollah Ghaderi and Fazel Rassoul are killed in Vienna, Austria
    27. In August 1989, Gholam Keshavarz is killed in Cyprus
    28. In September 1989, Sadigh Kamangar is assassinated in the north of Iraq
    29. In September 1989, Hossein Keshavarz, victim of a terrorist attempt, is paralyzed for life
    30. In February 1990, Hadj Baloutch-Khan is killed by a terrorist commando in Pakistan
    31. In Mars 1990, Hossein Mir-Abedini is wounded by an armed commando in the airport of Istanbul, Turkey
    32. In April 1990, Kazem Radjavi is killed in Coppet, Switzerland
    33. In July 1990, Ali Kashefpour is kidnapped and killed in Turkey
    34. In September 1990, Efat Ghazi is killed in Sweden by a bomb intended for her husband
    35. In October 1990, Cyrus Elahi is killed in Paris, France
    36. In April 1991, Abdol-Rahman Boroumand is killed in Paris, France
    37. In July 1991, Alberto Capriolo is wounded in Milan, Italy
    38. In July 1991, Hitoshi Igarashi is killed in Tokyo, Japan
    39. In July 1991, Ahad Agha is killed in Suleimanya, iraq
    40. In August 1991, Shapour Bakhtiar and Soroush Katibeh are killed in Suresnes, France
    41. In September 1991, Sad Yazdan-Panah is fatally wounded in iraq
    42. In December 1991, Massoud Rajavi escapes a terrorist attempt in Baghdad, iraq
    43. In January 1992, Kamran Hedayati is wounded opening a letter bomb in Vastros, Sweden
      He looses his       sight and his hands. 44
    In May 1992, Shapour Firouzi is killed in Iraq. 45
    In July 1992, Kamran Mansour-Moghadam is killed in Suleymania, Iraq. 46
    In August 1992, Fereydoun Farokhzad is killed in Bonn, Germany. 47
    In September 1992, Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fatah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardalan and Nouri Dehkordi are killed in       Berlin, Germany. 48
    In January 1993, Ugur Mumcu is killed in Ankara, Turkey. 49
    In February 1993, the fundamentalist terrorists in Turkey admit to have kidnapped and killed Ali-Akbar Ghorbani       who had disappeared in June 1992 in Turkey. 50
    In March 1993, Mohammad-Hossein Naghdi is killed in Rome, Italy. 51
    In June 1993, Mohammad-Hassan Arbab is killed in Karachi, Pakistan 52. In October 1993, Turkish fundamentalists admit having tortured and killed for Iranian officials, Abbas Gholizadeh       who was kidnapped in Istanbul, Turkey in December 1992
    53. In November 1993, William Nygaard is wounded in Oslo, Norway
    54. In January, 1994, Taha Kermanj is killed in Corum, Turkey
    55. In August 1994, Ghafour Hamzei'i is killed in Baghdad, iraq
    56. In February 1996, Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi were killed in Istanbul, Turkey
    57. In March 1996, Ali Mollazadeh was killed in Karachi, Pakistan
    58. In May 1996, Reza Mazlouman (Kourosh Aryamanesh) was killed in Paris, France

اين تار نما را به ياد پدرم، تيمسار سرلشکر علی نشاط، و ساير قهرمانان نيروهای مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران و جانباختگان راه آزادی پيش کش نمودم
This site is dedicated to my father General Ali Neshat commander of Imperial Iranian Guards, and to all of the other unsung heroes of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces who fell in the name of Iran.

اين تارنما هديه ای است به جانباختگان نيرو های سه گانه 

صدای شما وقتی شنيده می شود که بلند و رسا باشد 


Ali Neshat, Iran

برگ اول
نشاط اصفهانی - خاندان
سرداران ملی و ابدی
خاکسپاری شاهنشاه آريامهر- مصر
نيروی هوائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی زمينی شاهنشاهی ايران
نيروی دريائی شاهنشاهی ايران
نشان و مدال های نيرو های مسلح شاهنشاهی ايران
تاريخ- صدام وشاهنشاه
پادشاهان، نخست وزيران و اميران
طلـــــايه داران تاريــــــخ
به روايت تاريخ سرهنگ جهانبينی
تـــــئـــوری توطـئه، يا انقلاب اسلامی؟؟!!
به ياد جانباختگان
2 به ياد جانباختگان
ليست جانباختگان - انگليسی
ويدئو جانباختگان راه آزادی
کودتای شاهرخی و 18 تير 1980
پيام آزادی، و همبستگی
آگاهی های مربوط به جانباختگان
بازديد شاهنشاه آريامهر از آمريکا
جدائی طلبان، شيرين نشاط و صوراسرافيل
بهروز صوراسرافیل
بيژن و رضا فاضلی
شهرام جاويد پور
سرباز کيست؟
گاه شمار پهلوی
مايک والاس و تخيلات سی آی اِ
خواندنی ها
گفتگو های راديوئی و تلويزيونی
خـــــبر ها و نظر ها - نشريه ماهانه
سانسور و بُريدن زبان در لس آنجلس
لانه تروريست
شيرين نشاط پيام به آمريکا
روانشناسی زندگی در غربت
روابط ايران و آمريکا
بانوان ايران!
شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
علياحضرت شهبانو فرح
پيام شاهزاده رضا پهلوی
گتفگو ها و پيام های سيما و آوا
پيام های ويدئوئی
اردشير زاهدی
ازدواج اردشير زاهدی
37 روز آخر شاه
شيرين نشاط -تروريسم
وحشت و تروريسم
خليج هميشه پارس
پيام شهبانو 2544= 2005
21 آذر - بهمن آقائی
پدرم علی نشاط
17 دی - روز زن و رضا شاه
آعتراض به آقای فريدمن
تانک های ارتش
پيش و پس از... !
خون آشامان!
ششم بهمن
انقلاب سفيد - شاه وملت
رضا احمدی
جنگ نه!!
قدس و سپاه زنان!!
وزيران خارجه ايران
تيمسار اقصی
سرهنگ ستاد وزيـــن
درپاسخ آقای فوت
آتـــم مصرف نظامی !!
بسيست و دو بهمن !
سقوظ شاه يا سقوط ايران؟
گزارش های گرد جهان
هويدا و سميعی
بياد پدرم!
نامه سرگشاده به شاهزاده- انگليسی
پيام ها و نامه ها
گفتگو های رسانه ای
دادنامه ها و پتيشن
تشابه اسمی
تماس با ما
پيوند ها



پاسخ به تاريخ




تصاوير زيبای ايران


اگر شما از فاير فاکس (موزيلا) استفاده می کنيد برای ديدن ابزار شنودی به آخرين ورژن آن احتياج داريد اينجا کليک کنيد
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